To Wauz! To Life!

RED TAPE PARADE’s final show.

The singer of our band and our dear friend Wauz passed away on Monday April 15th.
We will play one final show in his honor and to celebrate his life with guest vocalists
Eric Greulich (The Ghost Rockets)
Matze Nürnberger (Tagtraum)
Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire)

support coming from our friends
HELL & BACK (Stuttgart)

the show will take place on
Saturday May 11th 2013
in BERLIN at club BI NUU (Im Schlesischen Tor)
Doors 20.30 PM

It will be a free show
but we would like to encourage you to donate 10+ Euros at the door.

Wauz founded a Dharma Punx group in Berlin.
All profits from the donations will be used to support this cause.

Please come out, sing along and say goodbye.

This will be the last time we will play our songs.
To Wauz! To Life!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining us on saturday may 11th, Nathan Gray ( BOYSETSFIRE(official)I AM HERESY ) !

„When RED TAPE PARADE asked me to sing a few songs at their last show as a memorial to wauz’s memory, I was honored and terrified all at once. I of course accepted as I would do anything for those guys, but how do you properly commemorate such a positive and moving force like Wauz? I’ve been going through his lyrics and committing them to memory all the while realizing that these were not words he just had to memorize… They were his passion, his breath, and his life. I just hope that I can do justice to these incredible and moving words for my dear friend and constant inspiration“.


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